Monday, October 8, 2007

A photographer's eye

Here I am cooking an Indian dinner for a few friends. This is such a routine event that that I won't blame you for not being excited. Except, this time it was different because we had a photographer in our midst, and the food quite honestly started to resemble a work of art.

You'll have noticed already that these photos are SO much better than my own, and it's because Philippa was among our diners. She can make a set of plastic fake-creamer thingies look like an award-winning composition, so I'll take no credit for the food looking good here.

Recipes for shrimp and gobi aloo coming up, along with reports of the 5 foods I hate to love thanks to Anna.

I'll leave you with this mouth-watering and hip-expanding snack that Michael fried up (artichokes, cheese and prosciutto).

Obscenely good.


Nile said...

well aren't you zesty in your red beads! I really wish I could have been there, that corn concoction looks amazing and I totally want to steal that apron.

Philippa said...

Ah, Nitasha, you flatter me so. So, when are we going to get these phenomenal recipes of yours into a cookbook?? Those were some smashing dishes!