Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Five Foods I Hate to Love - Part 2

2. Thums Up

Taste the thunder?
Yep, that was the frighteningly accurate jingle for this cola drink that I adore. I've heard tourists describe this as a pumped-up Indian coke, but to us it was the original. Coke bought it out recently and tried to kill it, but failed.

So good, especially after a hot, spicy meal! My brother and I would have one as a special treat when we watched movies at home. At no other time (besides parties, of course) was it acceptable to drink 'soft drinks', and maybe that's why I loved it so much.

Combine this absurdly sweet, strong soda with an over-the-top James Bond film, and you get an idea of our ideal Saturday afternoon.


Priya said...

absolutely! and as an "NRI" "ABCD" whatever, i have to say i sometimes lived on the stuff...OOC. i LOVED seeing people walking down Moody St. the other day drinking bottles of the stuff.

Nile said...

What's a ABCD??