Friday, October 26, 2007

Five foods I hate to love - Part 1

Alright, the fashion-intermission is over (for now). Welcome back to the main show: food.

Today I’ve got something that will make you cringe and laugh and maybe feel ill. Five foods that are wrong on so many levels, but right on several other, more primal ones.

Anna tagged me for this meme (why does this word feel so new if it was coined in the year of my birth by the notorious Richard Dawkins?)
I’ll pass on this “unit of cultural information” by tagging
Philippa, and share my list with you.

1. Instant coffee

I’ll start with the #1 offender.

I realise I’ll get the least sympathy on this one. My husband, for one, has completely phased this out of my life, but I still miss it some days. The reason I love this goes WAY back. Back to summer holidays in Delhi when we were allowed one cold coffee at the end of a long day playing in the hot sun.

We spent most summers at Vijay-Uncle and Phool-aunty’s house in Bharti Nagar (walking distance of our beloved Khan Market). I don’t remember being indoors much – we spent most days playing outside, and making hot, sweaty messes of ourselves. And even though I wasn’t big enough or fast enough to make much of a mark in the games outside with my older cousins, I still earned my cold coffee when I came indoors, just like everyone else. I loved the democratic ‘all children were equal’ philosophy of my uncle and aunt, which went well beyond the cold coffee and always made us feel like we had an extra set of parents. Of course, that also meant that we were fair game for the disciplining and rules that their own children had to follow, but that was a small price to pay for being held so dear.

And the cold coffee! Cold milk, sugar and Nescafe shaken up until it frothed and foamed. I cannot describe how amazing this was. Even more so when you consider all we were allowed to drink at home was Bournvita
, a disgustingly nutritious concoction that we loathed and was always served HOT (don’t be fooled by Cadbury’s marketing – this stuff is nasty).

Coming into the cool, dark living room after being out in the Delhi sun all day, and drinking this cold, sweet drink – that’s what life was all about!

Now, I may not have convinced you yet, and that’s probably for the best. But I will tell you that my study-abroad friends in London teased me about it no end and then started drinking it every day. Right, Steph? (She christened it the 'ultra latte'.) And my roommate in Boston, the infamous N in Knyler was an early adopter too.

Don’t knock it till you try it (and wait until it’s a hot summer day before you come asking for your money back)!


Nile said...

YEs it's true I absolutely LOVE the stuff, I was actually going to call mz. bloomers and buns yesterday to ask if it was ok to use the same instant that's been in my cabinet for over a year. I like it hot and now that it's getting cold it's perfect for after work.

Kanchan said...

Yes, I vouch for this stuff except there's something better! Ice-cold mango milkshake made with 100% authentic aapoos mangoes. Nescafe was a close second.

Elizabeth said...

Ahh, ultralatte... brings back cozy weekend mornings with you guys on the green sofa.. definitely the best thing to drink first thing if you're hung over.

Remember the toblerone experience? now that was amazing (if you're willing to overlook rice crispy bits in your cocoa)

Nitasha said...

K - mangoes ARE so much better, but can't include them in the Hate to Love category, no?

Eliz + Nile -
Toblerone extravaganza was completely out of control
melted chocolate + milk = hot chocolate!!

And rice crispies!? Is THAT what is in the Toblerone? Need to recreate that obscenity soon.

kopidunia said...

Instant coffee - it has to be Nescafe - simply love it LOVE IT LOOOOVE IT!
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