Monday, September 10, 2007

Bloomers and buns!? Ooh that does sound naughty!

Thanks to, my cherished lush-ious friends, for posting a link on their site (which btw is teetering over the Unconstitutional edge and will fall into Illegal any minute now).

People wandering over from there may be confused by the lack of fabulous party news and views on this blog.

I apologise for misleading you with the title - this blog is not as saucy as it sounds.
Mostly musings on my ridiculous (but not in a Knyler sense) school days and food in India, and anything else that strikes my promiscous fancy, like this gigantic blooming hibiscus in our front porch :P

You'll have to get your outrageous stories here.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Knyler said...

Knyler loves you even without the scandal!