Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Occupied: work, Vegas, you know how it is.

Buried under a pile of papers at work at the moment, and off to Vegas in a couple of days.

Will get back to cooking and writing next week.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this fun list I came across
here which was originally from Lulu's vintage.

10 Good Reasons to Choose Vintage Gifts

10. It is the ultimate eco-gift! No landfill packaging. No new use of resources or labor.
9. Craftsmanship. Vintage items were made out of high quality materials and feature unique design details.
8. History. You are buying an item that has proved to be fashionable throughout history.
7. History (part 2). It is fun to own something vintage and think of how a person from a whole other generation appreciated it as well.
6. Uniqueness. No chance of hitting the streets with a new scarf only to see three other people with the same one!
5. Supporting a small business. Instead of lining the pockets of big box stores, you can support an independent business owner.
4. Authenticity. Why buy rip-offs of old designs, when you can get the original.
3. Authenticity (part 2). Why buy something that has been "distressed" to look old when you can get something that has genuine patina.
2. Save some cash. Vintage items are often times much less expensive than new.
1. Don't participate in the mad rush to the mall. Vintage is easy to find off the beaten path.

And while I rarely gift vintage items, my family will be horrified to learn about me wearing old jewellery and clothes (and yes, even shoes!) that I didn't inherit from them, but I do love all things vintage!

My friend Elizabeth has a
lovely website selling unique vintage stuff. (Have a look - she cycles through stuff quickly so check back if there's nothing listed).

More from me next week!

(picture credit:; hopefully I'll have my own next week!)

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