Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beet anniversary

I know I said this blog is about bloomers (mad old school days) and buns (the accompanying tiffin lunches), but I warn you it is now heading straight down the road into multipurpose-online-diary-notebook mess.

Still here? Bored, aren't we?!

It's been hard to miss the 50th anniversary of On The Road, Jack Kerouac's masterpiece that I never read. I'm still stuck in Harry Potter number 4, so beet salad is my tribute to the occasion.

Kanchan came over the other day and we had beets and a fish tagine (made in the fantastic apple green tagine she and her man gifted us). Fish tagine recipe to follow.

The beet salad is so simple; there's clearly no need for a recipe.
Oven roasted beets, goat cheese, oil, vinegar and walnuts (I toast all nuts before chucking them into salads, hence the charred situation above).

Interestingly, Jack Kerouac was one of the acclaimed authors that Knopf rejected.

At least he didn't get sent this beauty:
“Your manuscript is utterly hopeless as a candidate for our list. I never thought the subject worth a damn to begin with and I don’t think it’s worth a damn now. Lay off, MacDuff.”

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Knyler said...

What grade do I need to go back to if I do not know this author and/or book? It is about beets? honestly? I just got a subscription to the economist and am 2 issues behind. I have no idea how you find the time!