Friday, April 4, 2008

News Radio India

My friend Piya moved back to Delhi from New York last year and started an independent radio production company with her friend Chhavi. Check out their amazing stories here. The cinemawallah Salim story really took me back to the first time I watched Cinema Paradiso, another story of a different time and place, such innocence. The $12 multiplex experience just cannot provide what these projectionists do to their viewers.

So... no recipes in today's post, but who knows? Maybe they'll have a food-related story soon!


Kanchan said...

This is way cool and amazing! A very enterprising and inspiring duo for sure!

Priya said...

N - this could be a great story for verve. two cool women (Chhavi and Piya) who endeavor to tell untold stories. very cool!