Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best French Toast Ever

I've seen challah before (I do live in Brookline after all), but I don't think I've ever tasted it. So, I'd expect you to have doubts when I say this is the best challah in Boston, but don't doubt Marcy. She says it's the last word in chhhhhallah (I swear that's how she taught me how to say it) and after eating it, I will believe everything she ever tells me.

I just dipped it in some eggs and milk and sauteed it in butter. I wish I could take better pictures because this was seriously the best french toast of my life.

Frenchie approved whole heartedly: it reminded him of his favourite brioche. All I can say is ..I never want any other french toast again.

Slightly sweet bread, soft and eggy, unbelievable with a Saturday morning latte and the paper. "Cheryl Ann's of Brookline", said the empty packet when I stared longingly into it. I'm revealing insider info, no doubt, but it's too good a secret to keep to myself : )


Nitasha said...

Ooh I found this after posting:

Can't argue with a seasoned panel!

Pippa said...

YUM, this looks good! I notice you also have Pure Dessert on your nightstand... tried anything yet? I am too timid! Perhaps over the holidays...

Nitasha said...

Hey P thanks!! I've only tried an icrecream recipe so far :)

(the mint icecream, which turned out beautifully. i also substituted with basil in the same recipe and it was delicious).

will keep you posted if I try another - the strange ingredients definitely require some planning!