Sunday, November 18, 2007

Checkerboard cookies

Last weekend, Philippa and I spent an afternoon in her lovely kitchen drinking mulled wine, making a mess of ourselves and baking these buttery delicious cookies. These were the first cookies I'd ever baked, so I'm hoping future experiences will be less complex and require only one person!

The recipe is on Philippa's site, and basically involves making chocolate and vanilla dough and combining them together in this over-the-top way after repeated chilling sessions.

She set me up with a training video from YouTube but I think I'm still confused how this all came together.

Brilliant way to spend a wintery afternoon, with some card-making thrown in. The most productive Sunday afternoon ever. I even got to take some pictures with her fancypants camera, which was fun.

This morning, exactly a week later, I took the left-over stacked dough out of the freezer and baked the little guys for 10 mins.
Superb with some hot chai.
Thanks, Philippa!


Kanchan said...

These little delights were indeed BUTTERY and deelish! And the checkered situation was too impressive!

Philippa said...

You're totally welcome - and you did all the hard work with that egg white! By the way, these shots you took look great!